Data & Discrimination

Just heard, partly, a program on KERA’s Think that was talking about Search Engines and how they are discriminating or segragating. This is just making a note of it so that I can come back and look more closely at the program and the issues it is touching.

The guest was University of Southern California assistant professor Safiya Umoja Noble . She wrote the book “Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism”

While I wait to go back and catch up with the whole program more closely, I do acknowledge that search results have a huge influence on how we relate to information and the authenticity that we associate with them. Not to mention that our search result to a great extent is dependent on our biases. We are usually shown search results that tend to match our existing preferences. We “see” things that our friends & family see or comment on. Companies behind the searches are trying to be helpful in this case.

– manzoor


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