Monthly Archives: December 2010

Tweet & Tumbl

What I don’t want / am NOT looking for is an app that will allow me to post my tweets to Tumblr or my Tumbl post to Twitter. What I want is to be able to “post” to both Twitter & Tumblr (and maybe some other “thing”) together.

– manzoor


Is NOT “Three wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner”. We know it instinctively that is NOT what it could possibly mean.

Though the concept of Democracy came from the idea of the “rule of the commoners”, we have to remember – over time we have allowed more and more participants to have a voice.

– manzoor

Kramer vs. Kramer

One of the few movies that I liked better than the book. Mostly because I had already watched the movie so many times before I ever read the book.

July 19th, ’14 – bought it on iTunes last week and watched it again.

– manzoor