All the Single Ladies

Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation On my “To Read” list. – manzoor The Rising Power Of Single American Women – On Point with Tom Ashbrook Questions: What are the comparable stat for men? How is our longevity playing a role here?


The conversation has been mostly around economic (income and wealth) inequality – which is significant and probably the most obvious. But probably not any less important are inequalities that prohibit individuals from exercising their freedom. Inequality in the areas of: Education, specially higher education Basic Services Upward Mobility Opportunity – which of course is depended … More Inequality


Is NOT “Three wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner”. We know it instinctively that is NOT what it could possibly mean. Though the concept of Democracy came from the idea of the “rule of the commoners”, we have to remember – over time we have allowed more and more participants to have a … More Democracy

Dealing with Anger

There was a news segment on the “Morning Edition” earlier this morning that made me think – how should we behave when we get angry? First off – it is probably safe to assume that NOT everyone feels the same emotion the same way. Which would, logically follow, that not everyone should react the same … More Dealing with Anger