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Ephemeral Social Networking

Fleets from twitter will be the most recent addition to a concept that first started with SnapChat. I must confess – I never quite understood the whole idea. But of course, I also don’t understand ever deleting / destroying / throwing away anything.

Of course things live out their “need” or “relevance”, i.e., the lives and then they go away naturally. That to me makes sense.

– manzoor


Social Media and . . . .

I have been connected for quite some time now. Of course, when I first became a participant of USENET.

My friends & family being on Facebook was probably their exposure to “Social Media”.

Beyond just my immediate friends and family and acquaintances Social Media is definitely having a deeper impact today than 5, or even 2, years ago.

– manzoor

Joined Facebook

I actually forgot, but Facebook reminded me on my 11th anniversary – in 2018.

Though I have manually set the publication of this blog to be the same as the day I joined FB (or the day FB is saying I joined), I am actually writing this on the 11th anniversary. A lot has happened in the last 11 years. Most relevant of them, for the purposes of this article, how I

– manzoor