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I’m Running an Experiment

That’s what it basically says at the top. Then it goes on to say, I don’t usually do this (i.e., cut ‘n paste someone else’s post) but I want to see who reads my post w/o a pix and responds to it with more than just a Like.

There are a few things I find interesting and funny. First, the most recent few of these that I have seen are the same ppl that have rarely, if ever, commented on any of my posts or any of our other friends’ posts that do not include a pix. I don’t think there is anything wrong / negative about it. A pix does speak volumes. So, if my friends have something to share and that comes with a pix or 2 (or 3 or 4), I say “nice”. If my friends shares their emotions or thoughts on the post with a “Like” or a comment, “awesome”.

When my friends don’t share their emotions or comments to my posts, I simply assume:

  • My posts are not interesting / inspiring to them they way it was to me
  • My posts may have evoked more of a negative thought in them which they kept to themselves to avoid hurting my feelings
  • My friends never saw my posts because it was way down in the feed
  • Reasons unknown

The final point, if I am running an experiment, the last thing I want to say is “I am running an experiment”. By saying so I am skewing (i.e., screwing) the experiment. In fact the experiment has always been running. I already have a bunch of posts over time that no pix, and I know who has commented or Liked. I also have a few posts that do have pix and I know who has commented or Liked.

Anytime you are copying and pasting someone else’s post, because that’s what asked you to do explicitly or note, you are doing what someone was intending. That is NOT your experiment.

– manzoor


Testing a Quick Connection to Facebook, Twitter

I need to be able to test a connection to Twitter from various systems to troubleshoot an connect issue from a particular instance. A very simple CURL command would be perfect, but if I try to get anything more than just a page (of a user I already know), it seems I need to authenticate. To make things more complicated, basic authentication has been discontinued since the introduction of OAUTH.

– manzoor

To Google or Not to Google

I find it interesting that google, having influenced the online community as much as they have, have not been able to influence us with some of the newer offerings. for example:

  • Picasaweb

I’m not complaining, because I think ┬áthis is a good thing that they have not

– manzoor

Joined Facebook

I actually forgot, but Facebook reminded me on my 11th anniversary – in 2018.

Though I have manually set the publication of this blog to be the same as the day I joined FB (or the day FB is saying I joined), I am actually writing this on the 11th anniversary. A lot has happened in the last 11 years. Most relevant of them, for the purposes of this article, how I

– manzoor