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5 Decades

  • 60’s – 70’s – lived in Shanghai, the Phillipenes, London and then finally Dhaka.
  • 70’s – 80’s –
  • 80’s – 90’s – finished high school, left home.
  • 90’s – 00’s – college, career, got married and
  • 00’s – 10’s

– me


Throwing a Baseball at Near LightSpeed

I don’t really recall which program it was on but I was listening to NPR / KUT and heard this little piece of “What If”.

The explanation included how the air in front of the ball would not be able to move around the ball as it usually does, since it was moving soooooo fast. So, instead there would be a vacuum created right behind the ball as it was moving and there would be a constant fusion in front of it.

As I was listening the one question that was going thru my mind – wait a second, why / how would the ball itself remain together? Are we assuming the whole ball is acting like a single “thing”?

Needless to say, I eventually google’d and did find some related / relevant articles but not exactly the program 😦

– manzoor



Woke up around 6ish. Tossed and turned around and eventually got up closer to 7. Instead of spilling food on my shirt, I spilled a bit of toothpaste. Can’t claim that I’ve never done this before, but it is not as common as me spilling food on me, FWIW.

Went out for a drive at 22oF and drove around for about 53mi over an hour and 27 minutes. I did have to wait in the driveway allowing for me car to heat up a bit.

– manzoor

P.S. Still cannot figure out why my most recent Music / CD import is not showing up on my phone. It is showing up everywhere else.

Imported Music not Showing Up on My Phone

Steps I have taken so far.

To troubleshoot:

  • Check other devices with my account to see the imported music – PASS
  • Looked under the “Recently Added” section
  • Searched for the “Artist”

To fix:

  • Closed the app
  • Closed the App and closed the phone (did not shut / power it down)
  • Switched WiFi network
  • Turned WiFi Off and back On
  • Went to “other” WiFi network
  • Closed all Apps and left the Phone being Charged all night (from a little after 2 till about 6am)
  • Eventually power cycled the Phone (after having had tried all the above steps)

– manzoor