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The Nothing by Hanif Kureishi

I heard the interview for the 2nd time, I think, earlier this morning. The first time was yesterday. But yesterday I didn’t get far enough to listen to the actual interview. Come to think about it, it might have been a preview about the interview that I did listen to this morning that they were talking about yesterday.

In any case, during the interview I learned a bit more about the author, Hanif Kureishi. He also wrote (or wrote the screenplay) “My Beautiful Laundrette”, which of course now is on my wishlist.

– manzoor



I have been paying more and more attention to both side of this “Cryptocurrency” – the technology (i.e., Blockchain) and the market (i.e., bitcoin).

But the market / bitcoin also has 2 sides – it’s application and the “market”.

Irrespective of all the various sides, I do feel the time has come to accept that this is something that we will be hearing more and more of and it will be something that we will use to do certain things.

Some examples of current goods / services I could pay for in Bitcoin if I wanted to.


– manzoor