Hollywood Ending

I am pretty sure the only reason I watched this was because it was / is a Woody Allen movie. I don’t think I’d ever heard of it. It actually took me a few days of watching bits and pieces to get thru the whole movie. – manzoor

Quiz Result

I often take the various personality quiz that pop-up on my FB feed or ones that my friends have taken and shared. Not really the point in this particular case. But I did one recently (a few minutes ago) and this is what the result came out to be. You are at the top of … More Quiz Result


Is equal to or greater than the events in your life and what you expect life to behave. –¬†manzoor How to be happy: the happiness equation revealed? Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat

Blind Date

I was actually watching Pirates of the Caribbean (well, ok, I was re-re-watching Pirates, but that’s not really the point). Sep 7th, ’20 – re-watched – manzoor IMDb