Monthly Archives: November 2020

Thanks Giving 2020

So much that I’m thankful for. Thankful that we are here to be thankful. Thankful that we have the opportunity to work on things that might be going so well in our lives or those around us.

Thankful for all those who make every moment to be thankful for.

– manzoor


Back to School

We no longer have to actually go “Back to School” to go “Back to School”. I have known this for a while now. I have even had created accounts on various learning platforms for more than a couple of years already. But have just not been able to get myself motivated enough to complete any of the courses that I had signed up for.

Hoping to make a change this time around.

– manzoor

Listening while Disagreeing

With the obvious acceptance of the reality that we live in a more divided nation / community, we must accept that there are those around us who do not share the same values as do I.

That we don’t share the exact same values should not be a surprise. Actually it should be the “norm”. Our individual values are built over the life we individually live.

– manzoor

Joe Biden Projected Winner

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now projected by many of the news medias as the winner of the 20 Electoral Votes of the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania. And with that giving him the 273 Electoral Votes (279 by some counts) and the Win for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. As someone with left of center political views I am excited by this news.

The fact that Biden might end up winning with more than 75 million votes cast in his favor is definitely something that I will looking at for a long time with great pride.

The fact that his opponent got north of 70 million votes in his favor is not something that I can, or will, ignore.

– manzoor