While I try to figure out why all the available PODs seem to be written in Objective-C (and not Swift) I need to make notes for using Objective-C (in addition to using CocoaPods) in my iOS App(s). Pre-Req: Xcode cocoapods Create (and save) a Project on a Command Line Shell cd into the location of … More cocoapods


Glasses and watches are just the beginning – I’m not predicting but guessing. But really how different is it to wear a device versus carry it all the time? The fact that one is in my pocket, that I constantly take out and check and the other is on my wrist or eye? – manzoor


Primary Goal / Objective – “Learn to Program” in Python. The emphasis is on “Programming” / “Software Development” and not on “Python”. Supporting Goal / Objective – Build and Make Available (publicly) an Application Desktop and Mobile (preferably native for both iOS and Android). The purpose of the supporting goal is to To Learn: Programming (starting with … More Build-a-App