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Python, Ruby & Swift

These are simply programming languages to help us learn “Object Oriented Programming”. While we will be trying to learn each of the languages as best we can, the goal is to learn to Program and user “Object Oriented Programming” as the foundation.

Data Structures



  • Class Inheritence

Struct vs Class

  1. Class requires initializer to be written and Struct does not require
  2. Struct is of “Value Type”, Class is “Reference Type”


  1. Instance Method


Default / Memberwise


Optionals (need to go over) / Unwrapping Optionals / Optionals Chaining

– manzoor

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Learn to “Program”

We will use “python”, “ruby” and “swift” as our “programming languages” to “Learn to Program”. Before we begin we will need to check if we have “python” / “ruby” / “swift” already installed on our system. We can do this by typing:




If they are NOT, we will need to install. If they are, we will need / want to check the version of “python”.

Once the version is verified, you will want to write your very first python / ruby script. Keeping with tradition, the very first program should be”

  1. Hello World

– manzoor

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Web Programming in Python Links


  1. Primary Goal / Objective – “Learn to Program” in¬†Python. The emphasis is on “Programming” / “Software Development” and not on “Python”.
  2. Supporting Goal / Objective –¬†Build and Make Available (publicly) an Application Desktop and Mobile (preferably native for both iOS and Android). The purpose of the supporting goal is to

To Learn:

  1. Programming (starting with Python, but the objective is to learn “Programming” not to learn to “Program in Python” ONLY)
  2. Modern Application – Mobile is definitely one of the objective
  3. Publish an App (in the App Store and Marketplace)

– manzoor

  • Python
  • CoffeeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML5
  • Java

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