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Kramer vs. Kramer

One of the few movies that I liked better than the book. Mostly because I had already watched the movie so many times before I ever read the book.

July 19th, ’14 – bought it on iTunes last week and watched it again.

– manzoor

Paper Chase, The

The Book – I never really knew, till very recently, that this was originally a book. It is written by John Jay Osborn Jr and I’m hoping to read it some time soon.

The Movie – I first saw the movie when I was in my early teens (or maybe even a bit younger) and had immediately had it as one of my favorite movies. The fact that the TV series was being shown almost within a few months of that probably helped.

The TV Series – Specially the very first season, about their first year in Law School, was just amazing – or that’s how I remember. I’m almost scared of watching again and being disappointed.

Sep 6th, ’13 – Finally found the movie on Netflix and re-watched it. I am really, really trying to find the TV series to watch.

– manzoor