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Star Trek & I

I grew up watching, among many other TV series, Star Trek the original series. I don’t think I had a choice but to be a fan of it – because all of my friends were fans of the series.

Many years later, when I first came to the US, the third season of Star Trek: The New Generation was already on and only one of my friends followed it and mentioned it a few times to me. I made excuses like:

Looking back, the last excuse was, and still is, actually the only legitimate argument. After I had finally broken my tie to the Original Series and started watching TNG I became a bigger fan of Picard and Data then I had ever been of Kirk. Most of the individual episodes of TNG were way more entertaining too than any of the Original Series episodes.


– manzoor


Netflix Adds Multiple Profile on the Same Account

Aug 20th – Been meaning to update my previous entry for over a week now (yes, almost since I originally posted it, I know). Seems Netflix started supporting AppleTV almost right away.

Still waiting to see being able to restrict access to a profile.

Aug 10th – This is really awesome, now we can keep our viewing history separate – but is that really what is needed? The main feature that I would be interested in would be to restrict access to a Profile from another. If any user can switch to a diff profile, than this whole feature is basically broken.

Don’t get me wrong, the new feature is definitely an improvement over nothing at all. But I feel like it’s a tease of a feature

My family, mostly our kids, uses Netflix primarily on the TV via AppleTV. Which unfortunately doesn’t yet support this new feature. Which is understandable, it’s a new feature that is still being rolled out. But practically for me, without the AppleTV support this is pretty much a useless feature. At most it’s a nice concept that I am looking forward to.

– manzoor