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Digital Media

Since we are moving from primarily having hardcopies to softcopies, and most of it out in the cloud – it is very important to be aware of a few issues. The following 2 come to mine:

  • security / privacy
  • accessibility
Neither of these are really issues you think of

– manzoor


Copy’ing off iPod

I have an old iPod that I have a lot of music on. Unfortunately I longer have the computer I was using when I copied my music onto it. Now that I have my iPhone, I am needing to get the music off the old iPod, w/o loosing any, and putting them on the iPhone.

Conveniently, Apple does not provide any tool for this (I’m being sarcastic, in case you couldn’t tell).
Well . . . after some bithcing and complaining (I’m too lazy to look for a solution myself) my friend found me expod v0.7.3.
I hope to use this tonite and update tomorrow.
– manzoor

iPod + [super] PDA + Cell Phone

Now that we’ve got both the:

I cannot help but want to have a single device that combines both of these (and also cell / mobile phone1).

You see, the iPod is great because I can store, and play,

  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Video

And the storage is large enough that I can put quite a bit (not nearly as much as I’d like to) and carry it around. But I cannot use this device to “communicate” (e-mail, browse the web, IM, chat etc) with my family, friends and co-workers.

That’s where the new Palm TX comes in.

Unfortunately, the RX does not have nearly enough storage :o( The LifeDrive is slightly better, but only slight.

– manzoor

1 – Cell / Mobile Phone Should be Replaced by VoIP Phone

iPod – Wireless

Since with iTunes and Wireless we can stream Music to our Home Stereo System, it is only logical to want to do the same from our iPods.

I am fully confident that Apple will soon make this a reality.

Also, we should soon be able to store, and play & stream, videos on [from] our iPods. Well maybe not from the ones we’ve already purchased but from the new ones they come out this year.

– manzoor