The Intouchables

Had to “rent” to watch it but am glad to have done so. Am really looking forward to watching “The Upside” that is coming out later this week. – manzoor IMDb The Upside Advertisements

iTunes, iCloud

I am a user of Apple Eco System and I pay (willingly) for some “Cloud Storage” services. I also pay for the following devices: Phone Computing Devices (Laptop / Desktop) Streaming Media (Apple TV) Watch When I say I “pay” for the things above I mean both in terms of money (one time for the … More iTunes, iCloud


– manzoor IMDb Similar: Ex Machina her Transcendence – IMDb – Actor – Johnny Depp Watched: Sept 10th ’16 on HBO Now¬†(Apple TV)

Digital Media

Since we are moving from primarily having hardcopies to softcopies, and most of it out in the cloud – it is very important to be aware of a few issues. The following 2 come to mine: security / privacy accessibility Neither of these are really issues you think of – manzoor