iPhone vs Samsung

A friend of mine recently was showing off some pix he took while on vacation with his Samsung Galaxy Note9. I must say, they looked stunning. Unrivaled. I must confess that I have not tried many different test shots to compare. I only looked at the few shots he happened to have had taken. I … More iPhone vs Samsung

iTunes, iCloud

I am a user of Apple Eco System and I pay (willingly) for some “Cloud Storage” services. I also pay for the following devices: Phone Computing Devices (Laptop / Desktop) Streaming Media (Apple TV) Watch When I say I “pay” for the things above I mean both in terms of money (one time for the … More iTunes, iCloud

iPhone 6

Even though I had pre-ordered, I had to return the Plus and re-order the regular 6 and wait for it to arrive in the mail. The plus was just too big ­čśŽ I was really, really hoping that the Plus would be the right size and then I would not need1 to get a Tablet … More iPhone 6


I got the original iPhone (and paid $600!!!) back in July ’07 when it first came out. And till last Tuesday it worked just great. – manzoor


With the HTC Evo I get: NOT AT&T 4G Network Tethering Android iPhone Alternative – though I am a huge fan of iPhone, I’ve been using one for more than 3 years now and am ready for something else – manzoor Sprint