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Leica TL2

I recently rented a TL2 with a 60mm f/2.8 and another 23mm f/2. This is my very first time using a Leica, so it took a while getting used to some of the very basics – like putting the lenses on and taking them off.
The TL2 is also completely controlled from the display and it doesn’t even have a view finder, that also made things a bit challenging.

Once I was able to get used to the “uniqueness”, it was quite fun to shoot. The 60mm was quite “slow”, but quality was V-E-R-Y good.

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– manzoor


iPhone vs Samsung

A friend of mine recently was showing off some pix he took while on vacation with his Samsung Galaxy Note9. I must say, they looked stunning. Unrivaled.

I must confess that I have not tried many different test shots to compare. I only looked at the few shots he happened to have had taken.

I should add some disclaimers right away so that I am not misunderstood:

  1. I don’t use my iPhone as my primary Photography Device
  2. I take a lot of pix with my iPhone
  3. My reason for choosing to stick to the iPhone, and over all App eco-system, goes far beyond a single feature
  4. I am absolutely un-offended by your decision to select a device that is not from the Apple family
    1. While I like being able to leverage the vary many services of the Apple eco-system, I do look forward to the opportunity to be able to use those feature in a non-platform-binding way
  5. Overall, both brand have a huge following. That is not an accident. They both have a lot to offer.

– manzoor

50mm Lens

I am looking to get a 50mm lens for my D700. I have been “borrowing” my friend’s for a while now, but I am starting to feel a little guilty (also, I am not going to deny, am in a bit of “toy buying mode”).

In any case, I knew there were a few choices but was not expecting so many. Now I am in a “compare” mode.

Right now I am leaning ever so slightly towards the 1.4D. My reasoning so far (though I haven’t actually held a 1.4D in my hand):

  • Less expensive than the 1.4G
  • Smaller / Lighter than the 1.4G but looks more sturdy (less plastic, more metal)
  • I am not finding a whole lot of negative on the 1.4D or a whole lot of positive (overwhelming) on the 1.4G

A lot of people seem to really like the 1.8G (it IS significantly less expensive), but it seems a bit bigger then the 1.4D (almost as large as the G) but weighs the least of the 3.

I guess I should note that I do have a 35mm f/2 (Manual Lens) on long term loan from my friend which is just as good as any of the ones I am looking at. But, it is:

  • Manual focus (which is not as big a deal)
  • Unable to meter on my D700

– manzoor

  • Nikkor
    • 1.2
    • 1.4
      • D
      • G
    • 1.8G
  • Sigma

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flickr Accounts

For some time now I have been using a couple of accounts / profiles on flickr but have finally made them more separated. My main account will remain to be “smriti” but the following will be more dedicated to he different activities my photography has natuarally developed into.

  • Austin Restaurants – just those – all pix taken of or at Austin Restaurants
  • moohoorta – my daily instgram, tumblr, tweet, pinterest etc posts
  • smritigraphy – this will continue to be my “photography” site – if I ever get back into it

I hope you will follow these and continue to give your comments and feedback.

– manzoor

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