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50mm Lens

I am looking to get a 50mm lens for my D700. I have been “borrowing” my friend’s for a while now, but I am starting to feel a little guilty (also, I am not going to deny, am in a bit of “toy buying mode”).

In any case, I knew there were a few choices but was not expecting so many. Now I am in a “compare” mode.

Right now I am leaning ever so slightly towards the 1.4D. My reasoning so far (though I haven’t actually held a 1.4D in my hand):

  • Less expensive than the 1.4G
  • Smaller / Lighter than the 1.4G but looks more sturdy (less plastic, more metal)
  • I am not finding a whole lot of negative on the 1.4D or a whole lot of positive (overwhelming) on the 1.4G

A lot of people seem to really like the 1.8G (it IS significantly less expensive), but it seems a bit bigger then the 1.4D (almost as large as the G) but weighs the least of the 3.

I guess I should note that I do have a 35mm f/2 (Manual Lens) on long term loan from my friend which is just as good as any of the ones I am looking at. But, it is:

  • Manual focus (which is not as big a deal)
  • Unable to meter on my D700

– manzoor

  • Nikkor
    • 1.2
    • 1.4
      • D
      • G
    • 1.8G
  • Sigma

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