Laptop vs Tablet

I have been doing my best to incorporate a “tablet” into my workflow but am still coming out short on a few tasks. Namely: Managing & Arranging my flickr pix Blogging (either WordPress of Blogspot), specially when I am trying to create links Remotely accessing servers via ssh The ssh access would be very useful … More Laptop vs Tablet

iPad Mini

Definitely glad & excited that the iPad Mini is finally officially announced. Unfortunately, starting at $329 it is priced about $80 more than I was hoping / expecting. When other’s (i.e., Amazon, Google) have similar products priced at about $200, I was really hoping Apple would not price the Mini at more than $250. But … More iPad Mini

Digital Media

Since we are moving from primarily having hardcopies to softcopies, and most of it out in the cloud – it is very important to be aware of a few issues. The following 2 come to mine: security / privacy accessibility Neither of these are really issues you think of – manzoor

Apple iPad

With a 9.7″ display, weighing at 1.5lb and 10hour [claimed] battery life, it’s basically a large(r) iTouch. WiFi, 80211n, and BlueTooth is built in. For an extra $130 it comes with 3G (from AT&T). It plays rich digital content and is able to browse the web (most toasters are able to browse the web these … More Apple iPad