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iPad Mini

Definitely glad & excited that the iPad Mini is finally officially announced. Unfortunately, starting at $329 it is priced about $80 more than I was hoping / expecting. When other’s (i.e., Amazon, Google) have similar products priced at about $200, I was really hoping Apple would not price the Mini at more than $250.

But since the regular iPad is still starting at $500, I guess this is a good compromise. Actually this is a good – because now I have more reason to look into the Nexus 7.

– manzoor


Apple iPad

With a 9.7″ display, weighing at 1.5lb and 10hour [claimed] battery life, it’s basically a large(r) iTouch. WiFi, 80211n, and BlueTooth is built in. For an extra $130 it comes with 3G (from AT&T). It plays rich digital content and is able to browse the web (most toasters are able to browse the web these days).
BTW, it also allows you to read Newspapers, Magazines and Books (that you have to get from iTunes).

– manzoor