Who am I . . . .

The other day I heard someone on TV (or may the radio) mention that we all have 3 “person” in each of us.

  1. The person we are (or we believe / think we are)
  2. The person other’s see us as
  3. The person we want [strive] to become

This got me thinking. Who am I?

Chronologically, I am a:

  • Son (grandson, nephew) – my birth did all the work
  • Brother – my sister’s birth caused this
  • Friend – this was the first relation that I had a hand in
  • Husband
  • Parent / Father

Also, in no particular order, I am a:

  • Software Engineer – went to school, applied and got accepted for various jobs
  • Food / Restaurant, Movie, Gadget etc fan & reviewer
  • A volunteer
  • A sports fan – I, definitely, used to be a much bigger fan of sports but find myself to be less interested these days

I can’t speak of what other’s think of me (I do know what some people think of me, but I think I would really like to know more), but I do know (at least at this time) that I would like to become

In each of these identity / role I have certain expectation of myself as does others of me. That’s where my duties and responsibilities are assigned.

– manzoor


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