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2020 US Election

Last time I wrote about the US Election, it was about the 2016 US Presidential Election and it was focused more on the presidential election process. And it looks like I stopped writing / updating it on Oct 23rd. Wonder why I didn’t continue thru the end . . . .

Anyway, this time around I am writing, or at least I am starting to write, on the over all Election. I feel we have come to a point where we as individuals have to take some ownership in this whole political system. We have become so used to saying “it’s a broken system” without looking at what I can do about making this less broken.

– manzoor


Super Tuesday

Mar 1st, ’16

  • Alabama (GOP, Dem)
  • Alaska (Caucus) (GOP)
  • American Samoa (Caucus) (Dem)
  • Arkansan (GOP, Dem)
  • Colorado (Caucus) (Dem)
  • Georgia (GOP, Dem)
  • Massachusetts (GOP, Dem)
  • Minnesota (Caucus) (GOP, Dem)
  • North Dakota (Caucus) (GOP)
  • Oklahoma (GOP, Dem)
  • Tennesse
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Virginia

– manzoor

2016 US Presidential Election

Oct 15th, 2016

We are now just over 3 weeks away from the election. What ever the outcome of this election turns out to be, there will be some significant head scratching following it. There better be some head scratching, some real reflection.

How did we get here?

Oct 23rd, 2015

  • Feb 27th, ’16 – South Carolina (Dem)
  • Feb 23rd, ’16 – Nevada (GOP)
  • Feb 20th, ’16 – Nevada (Dem), South Carolina (GOP)
  • Feb 9th, ’16 – New Hampshire
  • Feb 1st, ’16 – Iowa Caucus
  • Nov 6th, ’15 – Second Democratic Debate (Rock Hill, South Carolina,
  • Oct 23rd, ’15 – Lincoln Chafee drops out of Democratic primary race
  • Oct 20th, ’15 – Jim Webb drops out of Democratic primary race
  • Oct 13th, ’15 – First Democratic Debate (Las Vegas, Nevada, CNN)

– manzoor

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  • Democratic Primaries