2 Way

We don’t realize this but most things in life are bi-directional. Communication, relationship are 2 that comes to mind off the top.

When we communicate we often pay more attention to what we say and what we hear and not enough on what the other is saying or maybe hearing. Just because I say something does not guarantee that the other heard the same.

Relationships are even more complicated. We all know it takes “give” and “take” in all relationships. What we sometimes fail to realize is how skewed our perception of “give” and “take” are. If we were “machines” and not “human”, what we “gave” would be exactly what the other “took”. But since we are human beings, what we give is way bigger than what the other got. Just like what we “took” is so much smaller than what the other “gave”. This comes from our own bias.

But it is quite surprising that so many relationships do work out, while so many don’t. There isn’t necessarily any magic recipe that causes some to work out.

All happy people are happy the same way. Every sad person is sad in their own unique way.

I don’t really agree. I think every happiness, every sadness, every each emotion is unique. They cannot be duplicated or replicated. They can be imitated to some extent.

– manzoor


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