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My Nissan Maxima

September 1999 to August 2020

I dropped it off at Wrench A-Part. This was very difficult. Which I am not totally surprised but yet at the same time I am a little.

The final mileage was 355,700ish – yes, I didn’t get to get to capture the exact mileage 😦 Given all my Odometer posts over the years you’d think I would have captured the final mileage.

I was planning to. But things don’t go as we plan. No, it’s not – “Things Don’t Always Go as Planned”. I am convinced “Things Never Go Exactly as You Plan, Never. Period”. Things Never go Exactly as we plan. But I digress. This is not what I am writing about. That’s another post for another time.

It was time to let go of the Maxima. This was the only new car I have ever bought. This was also the very first car I bought after my daughter was born.

– manzoor


High Mileage Automobiles

Sure – the term “High Mileage” is relative – but I am thinking in terms of cars that are on the roads today in my area. Most of them, I believe, get somewhere between 14 and low 20s mpg. High Mileage in this respect would be something in the range of high 40 mpg or above.

Of course, if we move our criteria from conventional cars to hybrids and pure electric (or other alternative) power than the mileage becomes irrelevant.

– manzoor

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