iPhone Mini??

Just read a rumor of a possible 4″ iPhone. The 2 major features that caught my interest were:

  1. Wireless Headphone
  2. Taking away of the Home Button

The second feature seems inevitable but it’s really the “Wireless Headphone” that had really got me thinking. Personally I have been thinking of getting a wireless headphone ever since I got my Apple Watch. I just have not found a pair that was both “good” and “priced well”.

OTOH, forcing the users to “buy” (invest in) a Wireless Headphone does somehow seem not right 😦1

Also, I think I read that they’re trying to make it “thinner” – how much thinner does it really need to get? Seriously? It’s already too thin if you ask me. So thin that even the “camera” does not quite fit in it. For me the 4s was a really good form factor.

The final feature that comes to mind is the wireless charging. Not really ground breaking here.

A smaller iPhone would definitely be something I look at getting  – eventually. When I got my iPhone 6 (after initially getting the 6 Plus) I was a bit disappointed – at having to have had gone “bigger”. So, being able to get back to my 4″ size would be preferable.2 I am going to be looking at the following more closely when I eventually do look at getting my next phone.3

  • Camera – I take most of my pix with my Phone. Even when I have the SLR around. I end up taking some pix with my Phone. Just because of the convenience.
  • Storage – though I do use iCloud, I still prefer the local storage
  • Overall Build – I felt the 4s was built better than the current 6
  • Performance – Processor / WiFi / Network

– Manzoor

  1. I’m assuming Apple will NOT be including a pair with the Phone
  2. I have fairly small palm / hand and even the 4.7″ is a bit too large 😦
  3. So far I’ve had:
    1. The Original iPhone
    2. iPhone 4S
    3. iPhone 6 (current)

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