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Asia Cafe

  • Location – North (Spicewood & 183)
  • Cuisine – Chinese
  • Cost – $+
  • Rate – 8+
Located in the same shopping complex as Sambet’s and Camino Real, this used to be “in” the grocery store right next door. But have recently moved into it’s own separate place.
A few of my favorite dishes are:
Green BeansShredded PotatoWater SpinachD300_46441Singapore NoodlesChicken

Spicy FishSpicy BeefD300_36816Beef with Daikon

It is best to visit Asia Cafe in a group of 4~5. This allows you to order 3 (maybe 4, if you’re really hungry) dishes and try them family style.

– manzoor


Din Ho

  • Location – North (183 & Ohlen)
  • Cuisine – Chinese
  • Cost / Price – $+
  • Rate – 8+

The best thing I like about Din Ho is that it doesn’t seem to have been “americanized” at all. Of course I am no authority on authentic Chinese Cuisine, but the few oriental friends that I have all seem to agree that their food is probably as authentic as it gets.


Seafood Hotpot Peppery Beef

It’s best to go in a group so that you can order a variety of items and try them all family style.

– manzoor

Best Breakfast Places

  • Cafe Java
  • Jim’s
  • Austin Diner
  • Taco Deli
  • Taco Shack
  • Trudy’s (also for lunch and brunch)
  • Kerbey Lane (also for brunch and late nite / late, late nite / 24 hr)
  • The Omelettry
  • Magnolia Cafe (also for late nite / late, late nite / 24 hr)

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– manzoor