I was driving with a friend of mine recently. I was driving as I usually do because most of my friends don’t like to drive, and I do. When I say I like to drive, that is an understatement – I love to drive. But that is for another day.

I do drive a little aggressive, I suppose. And my friend kept reminding me that I didn’t have to be driving so fast or so close to the car / vehicle in front of us. He said how he didn’t really care if he was a little late. He just preferred not to be thinking.

I suppose I can understand his point – he doesn’t enjoy the act of driving. He only drives because he has to get from one place to some other place.

What was interesting, contradicting, was what followed almost immediately. I had to open the Maps app on my phone so that we could get on the interstate. I opened the default app that is on my phone and he commented how he preferred to use Waze. His reasoning? It, waze, saves him minutes on each of his drive.

Hmmmmm . . . . and here I thought he didn’t care about saving time on his drives.

– manzoor


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