Raising Children

As a parent I find myself struggling with the idea of raising my children. OK, “struggling” might be a bit to hard – I find myself asking “am I doing it right?” Of course, I don’t even know what right is. I do try to talk to other’s but often end up arguing with people who are so sure of their methods that I find it difficult to actually have a conversation. the best conversation I have are with people who are open to other thoughts / ideas / possibilities. This is not just limited to conversation about raising children but conversations about almost any topic.

Anyway, a friend of mine once mentioned a couple of things that really stuck with me and I wanted to be sure to capture them before I forget. His first comment was:

Raising your children has 3 stages.

  1. Age 1-4 foundation
  2. Age 5-12 discipline instilling
  3. Age 12-18 consulting

He also mentioned that he had 3 goals in raising his children.

  1. That they (his kids) have their own authentic friendship with God
  2. That they treat others with respect and compassion
  3. That they really enjoy their own existence.

– manzoor


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