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Career Choices

It is no secret that I prefer smaller start-ups than traditional companies. Granted I have only worked at Software companies or in the Software part of companies – that’s where my skills fit.

What is not as well known is the appreciation I have of being able to accept opportunities in such environment. The costs of taking these positions was not unknown to me. While I was always hoping that the costs would not be something I’d have to bear, I’ve had to pay up a couple of times.

While I have not seen the monetary / financial success, I have benefitted from working in really tight groups where I was exposed to areas that I would otherwise would not have. I have worked closely with sales, marketing, Professional Services, Tech Writers and even with C level executives from time to time.

The benefits of all these opportunities have always outweighed the potential costs – to me. While I enjoyed the benefits, I have always been aware that not all see the same benefit and to many the costs are NOT worth the possible benefits. I get it.

I value every decision everyone around me makes. I know I am not in their shoes and it is unfair of me to think I know all that goes into them making their choices. But I must confess – when I do see those I feel specially close to make choices that feel I would, that gives me a special feel in my heart that I cannot explain.

– manzoor


Choice & Sacrifice

Was having a conversation with a friend and we got on the topic of life choices that we make and the sacrifices that come along. During the conversation I mentioned how “sacrifice” is usually seen as a negative and how it was really unfair.

What I didn’t quite realize then is that – sacrifice is only seen as a negative because we associate it with something “I” am having to do. I do the sacrificing. We are quite happy to accept the sacrifices of others.

Choice and Sacrifice is also a constantly evolving idea. What seems like a sacrifice today may not feel like a sacrifice sometime in the future. What seems like a perfectly viable option or choice one day may not have seem so earlier. We tend to forget how we feel about our options unless we are faced with them in the immediate time.

– manzoor