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Career Choices

It is no secret that I prefer smaller start-ups than traditional companies. Granted I have only worked at Software companies or in the Software part of companies – that’s where my skills fit.

What is not as well known is the appreciation I have of being able to accept opportunities in such environment. The costs of taking these positions was not unknown to me. While I was always hoping that the costs would not be something I’d have to bear, I’ve had to pay up a couple of times.

While I have not seen the monetary / financial success, I have benefitted from working in really tight groups where I was exposed to areas that I would otherwise would not have. I have worked closely with sales, marketing, Professional Services, Tech Writers and even with C level executives from time to time.

The benefits of all these opportunities have always outweighed the potential costs – to me. While I enjoyed the benefits, I have always been aware that not all see the same benefit and to many the costs are NOT worth the possible benefits. I get it.

I value every decision everyone around me makes. I know I am not in their shoes and it is unfair of me to think I know all that goes into them making their choices. But I must confess – when I do see those I feel specially close to make choices that feel I would, that gives me a special feel in my heart that I cannot explain.

– manzoor



It was my first time working at a hardware company. We actually made the camera and the recording unit that went with the camera. Made all the firmware and also the software.

I forget exactly how large it was when I joined, but it had grown to about 150 but later had to slim down to about 70. Eventually about a 30 of us were acquired first by GE and then sold off to UTC.

– manzoor