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Virtual System

With Windows, OS X and Linux all running on x86 processors, it is only natural to want to run all the OSs on the same hardware.

So far, in my experience, VirtualBox is the easiest to use for this task.
Copying Virtual Machine Images

Of course, once you have VMs, the one the most time saving task is to be able to take a snapshot / image of a machine and deploy it all over w/o having to install from scratch. The few issues to keep in mind:
  • hostname / machine identity
– manzoor

PIL in virtualenv in Ubuntu v11.04

Ubuntu is running in a VM running in Virtual Box on a Mac

Issue: PIL does NOT have JPEG support
Solution: Find and Install libjpeg (more specifically libjpeg-dev) before building / deploying PIL
My issue was that I had already built / deployed PIL before I got libjpeg. So, for me the solution was:
  • Uninstall PIL
  • Figure out where libjpeg was deployed – (/usr/lib/x86
– manzoor