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Virtual System

With Windows, OS X and Linux all running on x86 processors, it is only natural to want to run all the OSs on the same hardware.

So far, in my experience, VirtualBox is the easiest to use for this task.
Copying Virtual Machine Images

Of course, once you have VMs, the one the most time saving task is to be able to take a snapshot / image of a machine and deploy it all over w/o having to install from scratch. The few issues to keep in mind:
  • hostname / machine identity
– manzoor

Update / Upgrade Ubuntu to the “Next Release Version”

I am now trying to apply the steps to see if I can upgrade from any version of Ubuntu to the next release version. So far I have been able to successfully update from:

  • v11.10
  • v12.04

A couple of times I’ve had to run “dpkg –configure -a” (still trying to figure out what caused that need), but it has worked for the most part so far. My last test / trial is updating from v12.10 to v13.04.

Below is the process (list of steps) I am following (which is what I originally found when I needed to update from v12.04 to v12.10).

=====v12.04 to v12.10=====

Basically followed the post at Unixmen to upgrade my Lenovo ThinkPad to update / upgrade from v12.04 (Precise) to v12.10 (Quantal).

  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  • sudo apt-get install update-manager-core
  • sudo do-release-upgrade -d

I have read reviews that Quantal is “slower” than “Precise”, but I’m not really so much looking for performance issues as compatibility. My Production servers are still running v10.04 and I need to get them up graded to something more recent.

Am expecting to require a re-boot – we’ll see.

Time needed so far – about an hour.

– manzoor