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I had a prior / personal engagement which caused me to have to leave the movie before it ended – approximately 20min before the end. But the more than 2 hours of the movie that I did get to watch was very good. I am very sorry that I was not able to watch the whole thing.

But that is not going to hold me back from forming my idea of how the movie ended. For [potential] spoiler scroll down.

– manzoor








Are you sure you want to read it?



Have you watched the movie already?



So, you are sure you want to read my take. So, here goes:


Ayna switches place with the politician but not only to serve time but in reality. He gives up his very real relationship possibility with Hridi and even finds arguments as to why that was the right choice. Hridi never really gets to know Ayna.

Moral of the story / movie – we are so busy living the life that we believe society is expecting of us that we forget to be our own selves. We are too busy acting to be the person we think / believe we are meant to be and hide the person who we truely are.