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Apple AirPods

At $159 these are going to be the most expensive pair or head-phone thing I will have ever bought.

But I am excited about it. I only hope it switches from my various devices as well as they eluded to in the Apple Event.

I am a bit disappointed that these won’t be available till October 13th (and that they are going to be $159 for a pair).

– manzoor

  • What happens if I loose just one?
  • how to keep mine separated from my friends’?


Joy, Love, Happiness, Guilt, Shame, Pride, Fear, Hate, Anger. These are all emotions we spontaneously feel within ourselves. We evoke them in others – knowingly and without knowledge. We manipulate them in ourselves and in others.

You cannot buy love.

Well, yes and no. But let’s get to that later. For now let’s look into “should you buy love”?

BTW, yes you CAN buy love. As a matter of fact that is exactly what we do. We buy love from one another. But not in the traditional sense. Just because we don’t always exchange “money” to get love does not mean that we are not paying for the love that we desire. We simply pay for it in a different way. Ideally with love in exchange.

Joy / Happy – though not exactly the same, I suppose they could be categorized together.








Sympathy / Empathy


– manzoor