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Death has been on mind lately a little too much. More so than usual.

April 9th, ’18 – Not sure why it was on my mind when I first those words above, but today I am writing specifically because of a recent death, but more generally because . . . . .

All life will eventually end in death. That is a fact. For us, human beings, death probably has more of an affect than it does to most other beings. Or so we think / believe. Our religions don’t even mention the after life for beings that are not human.

My own personal experience with death came when I was not 10 yet. A great grand mother of mine passed away after a long illness. She was very close to me and my family. But being the age that I was, I didn’t really feel the loss that I should have felt. I was more caught up in the whole “process” of dealing with her death. We went and visited her grave almost everyday for the next few days (maybe weeks). At least the next 40 days at least.

Not till very recently did I find out that some of my friends didn’t necessarily experience the death of someone close to them at as an early age as I. Not sure why I was so surprised.

Death on the Living


Early Death?

If there really a right time from one’s life to come to an end? Not too long ago the life expectancy for humans used to be about 30~40 years. Now that is twice as long.

Irrespective of how long a life is the appropriate length, I suppose life that choose to end ourselves are examples of early deaths.

The other day I heard something about only 26 people surviving from attempting to take their own lives by jumping of the golden gate bridge. Most, maybe all 26, of them said later that they wished they had not chosen to jump the very moment they did.

– manzoor

Religion & Us

Most people I personally know are of the religion / faith because they were born into it. The few that have chosen to believe a different religion always seem to be much more calm about their beliefs and practices.

Of course I am making extreme generalizations.

– manzoor


  1. How many people are of the faith that they are born into vs not
  2. How do people born into their religion vs those who converted vary in the beliefs and practices