Your Life is Ending

When I started to write this “blog”, it was only because I wanted to make the distinction between “your own life ending” and the “whole world coming to an end“. But soon afterwards (Dec 26th) I was at a local B&N store with my daughter and quite randomly picked up “Mortality” by Christopher Hitchens. I have not yet bought a copy (I really should) but have already read three quarters of it.

So, returning to the topic of “my life ending” – what would I like to do. Keeping in mind that I know quite well that some day my life will end, as I am sure anyone reading this agrees. What I’m really thinking of here is if I knew that my life was ending in the next few weeks / months.

A Year – a year from “today”.

Three Months – 3 months from “today. This might mean that you have already had your loved ones last birthday or any other significant day.

A Month – a month from “today.

A Week – a week from “today.

Three Days – 3 days from “today.

A Day – “today” is your last day.

I guess one of the assumptions I have not mentioned earlier – the end of your life is not from a illness or accident. The end was just as normal – the only difference being that you (and you alone) knew of your end. Everyone else around you still lived as usual – without knowing when their life was going to end or that you knew of your’s.

That actually brings up a totally somewhat new topic – what if we lived in a world where we all knew when our lives ended. Not necessarily the day we were born, but at some point later. Let’s say half way thru you find out. There I go – getting totally distracted from what I write about right now.

– manzoor


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