The World is Ending

Yes, yes – I know it (The World) is NOT really ending. But what IF it was (and we all knew that it was), what would you be doing about it?

  1. Would you try to prevent it from happening? I guess there would have to be some sort of organized effort going on for you to join  and participate in such an effort. But it could also be that you, and you alone, knew of some effort that could change the course and save the world from ending. Would you do what was needed to prevent the end? More importantly, “should” you (or anyone) try to stop the world from ending?
  2. Would you rather prepare for what was “next”? Let’s accept the fact that you have spent most of your life so far NOT preparing, what is it that you are trying to change in the few days that you have left?
  3. Just sit back and let the chips fall where they will . . . . .

What else IS there to do?

– manzoor



2 thoughts on “The World is Ending

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