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Couldn’t think of a better toy ;o)

The Mobile Phone is becoming more popular everyday (or so it seems). I don’t know what the actual numbers are, but seems to me that everyone these days carries a mobile phone with them. Most mobile phone makers have added features to their phone that makes it more and more difficult to call the device a “phone” any more. ¬†They ought to be called something like “Personal Organizer / Entertainment Device / Digital Camera / Phone”.

The iPhone, from Apple, has taken a lot of these features and put them together with a very nice interface. A couple of the features that they have really improved upon are the:

  • Web Browser
  • e-mail Client

While most phones already have these options, the iPhone (with it’s larger screen) has made them more usable / useful.

Unfortunately, with the huge price tag and a single carrier Apple has made it more difficult for most consumers to get the wonderful “toy”.

– manzoor