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The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Oct 14th, ’17 – Watched it on Netflix on my Apple TV really early in the morning.

– manzoor

Game of Thrones

Finally started to watch and since I had 7 whole seasons to catch up – I did what any unreasonable person would do. I powered thru 6 seasons (that is 60+ episodes) in about 4 weeks. Which leaves me Season 7 and then I should be caught up.

I do think I should mention that though I had tried, half heartedly, to watch the series in the past, I have put it off because I told myself that I wanted to read the book(s) first. But I never really made any effort to find the book(s). That probably says something 😦 But this time around a lot of my friends really got into the whole #GoT discussion and I was having a hard time avoiding it. If I am not going to be able to avoid it, I figured I ought to watch it so as to be able to comment / participate in the discussion.

Also, there was a mention of Ed Sheeran being in there.

– manzoor


Hollywood Ending

I am pretty sure the only reason I watched this was because it was / is a Woody Allen movie. I don’t think I’d ever heard of it. It actually took me a few days of watching bits and pieces to get thru the whole movie.

– manzoor