Google Docs Security Hack

Yesterday I got an email from a friend, who I don’t usually get emails from, saying that he shared some “Google Docs” with me. Not surprisingly, many many people seem to have gotten the same, or at least similar, email.

A couple of things stood out for me:

  1. His email address
  2. I got 2 identical emails
  3. It was from someone that I have not been corresponding for a while now

By default I am fairly skeptical about any email that wants me to “do something”. We hardly use email at work, most of my ex-coworkers stay in touch via group emails. Needless to say, I was way to suspicious to actually click on the link or whatever it was that I was supposed to have clicked on and so far I have only gotten the email from that one friend of mine. Looks like most of my friends also did the right thing.

So, I don’t think I was going to write about this as it didn’t really seem like a significant issue. Just yet another attempt to get access to my online info. But this morning as I was driving to work and listening to On Point on the radio it seemed that they were doing a whole show on this. Which seemed a bit much to me. It was not that they were talking about security or privacy online but just the issue from yesterday. One of the point that really bothered me was when the question was raised that we should be more guarded about our activities online. To me that seems such an obvious thing.

– manzoor


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