Austin 10/20 2015

My first participation in the event. Completed in 2hr 50min.

Start Line Finish Line

Not sure if I got all 20 bands, but here are the ones that I did take pix of:

Band: Shadow Wh*l*s
Band: ??
Band: Grohl Grohl
Band: Tiarra Girls Tiarra Girls
Band: ??
Band: ??
Band: ??
Band: ??
Band: ??
Band: ??
Band: ??
Band: Groove Think
Band: Late Friday Late Friday
Band: ??
Band: Justin Black & Big Heart Justin Black & Big Heart

Band: ??
Band: Blue Diamond Blue Diamond

– manzoor

Other Similar Events

  • 3M Marathon / Half Marathon
  • Austin Marathon / Half Marathon – 2015
  • Cap10K – 2015

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