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Customizing the Navigation

Though I am using Django for my project, the eventual goal is to separate out (i.e., de-couple) the backend completely. But for now, I am where I am.

My goal, for now, is to create a custom / dynamic Navigation that is based on the user’s role / type. This will allow me to “show” the page(s) the user should have access to.

The other part of the equation would be to prevent users access to page(s) they should NOT have access to.

– manzoor


Building Blocks

I am currently working on a User Authentication module for a Django project and am anticipating using this in other Django projects. Wondering, not just with the User Authentication module, but other similar common building block modules that I could be working on and using in various projects – how would I plan on doing that.

I am also, for now at least, using Django as my backend for not only the web and mobile applications I am currently working on but also the native iOS apps I have plans to begin soon.

– manzoor