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Take the simple example of going out to eat as a group. As you are deciding where the go, it is very unlikely that everyone will agree on a place off the bat. If anything, more than likely everyone’s response will be – “I’m fine with whatever”. You can be sure that’s a lie. Very few, if any, are really OK with any choice – restaurant or otherwise.

What they really mean by “I’m fine with whatever” is that they are too lazy to have categorized all the choices into:

  1. Totally not in the mood for
  2. Are OK with, but would prefer to NOT
  3. Places that they would really like to try
  4. The 1 or 2 places that is really what they are craving

The last may not be in everyone’s mind, but the other 3 definitely are. And there is a simple proof. Next time you are going out with your friends and no one is suggesting anything go ahead and suggest something totally ridiculous. A place that that everyone is over dressed for or something. My trick is to suggest McDonalds. Don’t get me wrong, I like McD just as much as the next guy, but it is usually not a place we go to when we go out.

Soon as I mention McD most will immediately say – “anyplace but McD”. To which I respond, “so, how about <any generic fast food burger place>?” and the response to that is usually, “well, not really in the mood for fast food”.

So, that’s #1 and #2.

– manzoor