Download pix from flickr

So, first – you need a “flickr” account. Which you have. Check

Second, I need to add you as a “friend” in “flickr”. Done, Check.

Now to download:

  1. Find / select the pix you want to download
  2. Right below the pix, to the right, there are a set of 4 icons
    1. Star – “Fave this Photo”
    2. Right Arrow – “Share Photo”
    3. Arrow pointing down – “Download this Photo” – this is the one you want to click
    4. Expand –
  3. Once you click on the “Download this Photo” icon, you will see a few size options and “View all sizes” as the last option
  4. Select “View all sizes”
  5. The second option will be to “Download”. But before you choose to download, be sure that you select the proper size / resolution you want. I would choose the highest, but you can choose any you want.
  6. Once you have the right resolution selected, click on the link next to “Download” and it will be downloaded and saved in your “Download” folder (on your computer)
  7. The file name is usually a long string, which is not really relevant but something you may want to change once download is complete.

BTW, these are steps for downloading on your desktop / laptop using a browser. Not sure how to do this on your phone or tablet 😦 Hope this helps. If you have any trouble, make sure that you are log’d into flickr. If you see that you are log’d in and still unable to download – let me know.

– manzoor


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