A couple sitting in front of me, in another table, were sharing a coffee. They were also having the bread & butter / jam.

I myself do the same – have coffee and the “free” bread & butter. But I always order something, even if I don’t really want it, because I feel a bit of guilt enjoying the “free” bread & butter. Here this couple were enjoying the “free” bread & butter / jam and not only did they not get anything else, they actually are sharing one coffee.

How could they? They seem not elderly but old enough. Like they had grown up kids. What if their kids saw them? Are they not feeling the guilt that I do?

As all these thoughts are racing thru my head I am also telling myself that I am judging and I should not. Not that there might be a perfectly good reason that they are doing what they are, but because I simply should not judge. How would I feel if I was the one being judged? Judging is wrong.

In the mean time food is being brought to many of the other tables and a sandwich and a salad was also brought to the couple’ stable.

– manzoor


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