You & I can Disagree

But we still must be able to talk to each other, respect each other. Not only can we disagree, we ought to disagree. Only when we disagree can we learn from each other.

I saw & read this article that was shared on Facebook – “The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb” by Sean Blanda. And my immediate reaction was – I need to let everyone know that I do NOT think you are not intelligent just because we don’t agree. I recall (though am unable to find it right now) once writing about “Agree to Disagree vs Disagree to Agree” (or something very much in that line) and the point I was trying to make is that we ought to be able to agree that we disagree about an issue / topic without any feeling of animosity towards each other. Whereas if we “disagree” to agree, we are assuming that we ought to be “agreeing”. That does not seem like a good place to begin.

– manzoor

P.S. there might be other reason(s) that will cause me to think that you are “dumb”, but our disagreeing will not be the reason. I hope the same from you towards me.



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