The first time I heard about “cuddle” as a service was about a couple of years ago (maybe 3, maybe even longer). A friend mentioned that he had heard about such a thing and that it was fairly popular in big cities like New York. Come to think of it, I am not even sure that he mentioned that it was New York. All I do recall was that it was not widely found but where it was, it was apparently quite popular.

Had not heard anything since then. All of a sudden a different friend – this time mentioned this and added that she was disturbed. My immediate inclination was to “ask” what she was disturbed about – that such a service exists or that the demand exists?

Really was not in the mood for starting a debate / argument that would not really be honestly argued. So I did not add my $0.02 to the thread. But I have not been able to not think about it. the other thing that has been going thru my mind was another conversation another friend of mine was having a couple of months ago on how a huge percentage of married women / girls were being sexually exploited in Bangladesh. How their husbands were demanding unreasonable sexual favors just because they were married.

– manzoor


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