Who am I?

It was the summer of ’76. I was in London with my family. We were in the downtown office and my dad (Abbu) had called a taxi for us to be going somewhere. The cab was there but my family was not ready yet so I was asked to go out and let the cab driver know that we were on our way. A huge responsibility for a 8~9 year old and I took it very seriously – obviously. When I told the driver he asked me who I was. I responded, “I am my father’s son”. I don’t recall much of that vacation / trip but I remember that statement and the confidence with which I had responded. Someone asked me a straight question and I responded precisely.

Somehow that same question doesn’t seem so very simple today. Or ever since that day I suppose.

I have tried to think how I would respond to that question today. Or, more precisely – how would I respond to the question – “Who is Manzoorul Hassan?” Is it just a collection of roles that I fill on a daily basis? Is the collection of relationships I have?

– manzoor


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