In the News

In recent weeks we have had the missing Malaysian Airlines airplane, the conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, Gaza that took over the news media (deservedly) but they all fell off the radar (or so it seems to me) without any of them really coming to a real resolution. There is this notion that we all need closure. But apparently we were, are, OK without such closure for these issues.

I want to try to follow, at least for the next few weeks, Headlines and how or when the stop being in the headlines.

  • Today – Aug 31st, ’14
    • [US]
    • [Int’l] Hong Kong –
    • [Int’l] Ukraine – On the Verge of Full-Scale War
    • [Int’l] West Bank Ceasefire
  • Last Week – Aug 24th, ’14
    • [US] CA Earthquake
    • [Int’l] ISIS
    • [Int’l] Russia Sends “aide” into Ukraine
  • Earlier This Month – August ’14
    • [US] Missouri Police Shooting
    • [Int’l]
  • Last Month – July 13th, ’14
    • [US]
    • [Int’l]
  • Last Year – Aug 18th, ’13
    • [US]
    • [Int’l]

– manzoor


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