Austin – Just Mediocre??

I ran into the following blog – “Austin, Texas: Not Weird, Just Mediocre” and was really, really hurt. Could it be true that my beloved Austin is not as great as I believe it is? Her points are:

Public Transportation Sucks – yes

Fashion – ???

Cost of Living is High – this is relative. I do agree that it is much more expensive than it used to be and it has always been more expensive than Dallas / Houston. At least that’s what has been my experience when I spoke with my friends in those places.

Live Music is not all that it is advertised – her specific issue was that there is a lot of live music and most of it is not “great”.

Food –

Weather – yes, it’s hot here in Austin / Texas. Surprise!!!

But we have many positive things going for it – the prove is in the number of people who are moving to it. Have been for some time and seems like they will continue to do so for the near future.

But the reason I started this article was not to criticize the author or her article, it was more for me to reflect on my own views – which were in such stark contrast to her’s. And I think I realize why my views are in such contrast.

  • I came to Austin because I was going to go to school here (UT)
  • After School I was lucky enough to find a career in Software
  • At the next stage of my life, once I was married (here in Austin) and we had our daughter’s (here in Austin) – I realized that without really thinking or trying Austin had become a part of me and in my own way I had become a part of her

I guess my point is, unlike the author of the article (or many other’s like her) – I didn’t really move to Austin. I never really compared (or had to compare) Austin to another place and decide if I wanted to stay here or move somewhere else. Is Austin the best place to live? To me that is not really a question. To me Austin is simply the most awesome place to be and be a part of. But the reasons why it is awesome to me are not the same as they are for the next person. Are there things wrong with it or things that could be better if they were different. Sure. For started – traffic – it sucks.

– manzoor

11 thoughts on “Austin – Just Mediocre??

  1. come on man more fire! it was a mean spirited post and deserves more backlash! ain’t nobody ask her to come down and see how weird it is or whatever the fuck.

    1. Hi. I wrote that. It wasn’t mean spirited. Anytime Austin gets criticized Austinites yell. Just cause you yell, doesn’t make you right. I made completely valid points – a backlash from the likes of you won’t do anything but prove my points more. Grow up

      1. Just because you have valid points or arguments doesn’t mean that you were not mean spirited. And I am not arguing if your article was mean spirited or not. That’s for the readers of your blog to decide.

        Also, just because I am responding to your article doesn’t mean I am backlashing. You wrote what you did to express your views. Eventually what will matter is if you, or I for that matter, choose to stay or leave.

      2. I lived in Austin years ago, left and lived in some other cool cities, then came back because I love it. I agreed with a lot of your criticisms. The traffic is terrible. We don’t have museums or nearly enough green spaces. It’s not walkable. And a lot of things you said were true, even if I don’t think they are bad things: it is hot, and our clothes are casual (probably because it’s so damn hot.)

        What made your article mean-spirited and not just making valid points about Austin’s problems was when you started going off about how Austin is full of itself and pretentious, just because the people who live here are on the whole happy to be here. You don’t need to crap on people to make a point.

    2. She’s entitled to her opinion. Austin is not for everyone. Everyone has the right to find the perfect fit for them. I love Austin, but have become more disenchanted as time passes. Too many transplanted people from the West Coast who have driven up housing costs…all the building projects in Austin are to cater to what I refer to as “the pretty people” while the “natives” have to suffer or make do.

      She’s young…she can pack up and go wherever she wants…

  2. Not only do I hope she leaves quickly I hope she skips over us in Houston as well! Go be miserable in BFE for all I care! If she studied Austin at all she would understand what the hell she is writing about! She should have visited Bird’s Barbershop! That is what Austin is about!! I miss it!

  3. I read littlegurll’s blog…she’s entitled to her opinion. Yes there are truths to some of the things she wrote but still there are alot of redeeming qualities. There surely must be if people from California and the west coast are moving here in droves. And unfortunately it’s those droves that have changed Austin, not necessarily for the better. One thing though…fashion? we’re Austin, we’re Texas…we’re comfortable wearing jeans and t-shirts…not sure who told her we’re the fashion hotspot (I guess?)…weird…

    Austin is not for everyone. We’re not neurotic, we’re not fast, we’re pretty laid back…

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